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Digital Lean Sigma

A Human First Approach to Business Transformation


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Digital Lean Sigma combines the tried and true methods of lean six sigma with the rapidly expanding world of digital technologies.  

Digital Lean Sigma is a trademarked approach that balances people, process, and technology for rapid organizational growth.

Digital Lean Sigma empowers employees to develop their own apps, analyze data like professionals and use artificial intelligence for growth.

Our Services

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Training and Certification

Statistically simple quality improvement training provides knowledge that can be applied to the workplace.


Process Optimization

Streamline your processes before you digitize.  Digital Lean Sigma can predict failure of digital transformation before it happens. 


Coaching and Mentoring

On-the-job coaching enables employees to apply learnings directly to their improvement projects. 

A Phased Approach to Whole of Business Training

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About SRA Academy

SRA Academy has created the world's first trademarked on-the-job skills development program that combines lean six sigma with digital skills and digital transformation.  Our program has been streamlined to teach digital transformation skills at the speed of business.

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I found the course helpful for the following reasons:

            1. The materials were practical. Concepts were explained ahead of each class
               and we could apply the tools and knowledge to the cases in the breakout sessions.

           2. Using quantitative data to analyze the problem and come up with solutions for
               the process I was working on at my job. 

           3. One-on-one sessions kept me focused on the next steps and areas that I needed
               to improve in my project.

NIkki Alipour, Project Coordinator

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SRA Academy

615-110 Sheppard Ave East.
North York, ON  M2N 6Y8


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